Food Photography

Scrumptious looking food equals hungry customers!

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Great photography is an essential tool for any restaurant, hotel or catering firm looking to hook in any potential new customers. Photos of food like steak and salad which have great colour and texture only serve to entice the customer to want to purchase the product. We also keep in mind things like plenty of negative space in our images, why…..well if you want to use that image on something like a menu as the background then you have somewhere to place the text, without the background confusing the text. All the images we provide will be in very high resolution, meaning they will be good for covering whole walls in the restaurant if required, whilst keeping that hi-res look. We also provide the images in a lo-res format too. Great for uploading to social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Some of our clients include – Strathmore Hotels, El Gusto-Glasgow (West End), The Vu-Bathgate, Steak n Cherry-Glasgow

GO4 Productions also prides itself on offering a realistic pricing strategy that won’t break anyone’s bank, we charge for product, not artistic reputation. So if your business wants their food menu and advertising to look as good as it is to eat then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your imagery or videography requirements.