Video is vital for any successful campaign


Video is vital for any successful campaign


Years ago advertising with film and video was just a pipe dream. However with the rise of social media over the past decade it’s never been easier to reach a massive target audience. One problem though… to catch that target audiences attention immediately and keep them watching. Simple, create a short 1 – 2 minute video that’s easy to upload to things like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Why 1 – 2 minutes? Well research has shown that most peoples attention spans won’t last much longer than that. You need to get the message across effectively and in the shortest most memorable amount of time. Of course not breaking the bank either in the process with massive amounts of special effects.

The Client: The Vu (Bathgate)

The brief – to create a short commercial for use on social media and other online platforms. The video has to instantly grab the attention of the audience and also convey the grandeur and stunning settings of the business. The costs were kept to a minimum by not utilising voice over artists or actors, the client wanted the venue to sell itself.

The solution – we decided to get the “wow” shots which would initially make people continue watching that we’d start with a time lapse over the clients most identifiable feature, the jetty. Immediately following that was a fly over of the main wedding venue. Until we had done the fly over nobody had realised that it was heart shaped!

The results – on it’s Facebook release it has had over 20k views and on Vimeo it has had over 11k views, and the client didn’t even promote the video on Facebook, just a lot of people shared it!

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